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💰 Moves of the Month - SalsaGente


Tocale la T alecefe. Loading... Unsubscribe from alecefe?. Mas figuras de salsa casino por Sandro y Flor - Duration: 4:16. Alejandro Bianchedi 754,720 views. 4:16.
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SalsaCaribe is dedicated to spreading the Salsa & Casino Passion in Barbados, other Caribbean islands and beyond. We aim to share and spread the joy and passion for Salsa de Casino and other authentic Latin and Caribbean dances as well as creating a social, fun & entertaining environment.

The Cuban Way is an effort to introduce Casino Style of Salsa dancing. Casino was created in the mid 1950’s by a group of young people in Havana, Cuba. Dancing Casino is an expression of popular social culture; Many Cubans consider casino a part of their social and cultural activities centering around their popular music.
Find How to salsa casino - Volume 2 - Intermediates at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray.
Vidal Cordova has been dancing and performing Casino & Rueda de Casino exclusively for the past seven years, and he is the director of Salsa Casino & Rueda San Diego, San Diego's top spot for Cuban salsa & Rueda de Casino. Born in and originally from Puerto Rico, Vidal grew up surrounded by Afro-Caribbean music, salsa and Puertorrican bomba.
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Dissipating Misconceptions: Is Casino a “Style” of Salsa Dancing? | Son y Casino Tocale la t salsa casino


Casino variation (Miami style) - Tócale La T. Pasos Libres Salsa Cubana por John Hernández y Teresa del Solo - Duration: 3:26. Víctor M. Rodríguez Profe de ACE 747,913 views
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I want to add a note about a wonderful film that was made about Cuban dancing. Two Rueda teachers, Sarita Streng and Eric Johnson, produced a documentary on Cuban Salsa which addresses the origins of Rueda de Casino. It follows the lives of some members of "La Rueda de Guanabacoa," a Cuban dance team.

starburst-pokieMoves of the Month - SalsaGente Tocale la t salsa casino

Salsa Caribe: Classes Tocale la t salsa casino

Salsa class in Atlanta every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Private and group lessons available.. Class Schedule Class Syllabus. Rueda de casino - All levels.
Salsa Saturdays at Horseshoe Casino. Last edited: Wednesday, November 8, 2017. Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress 2019.. Los Angeles, USA.
• trios and cuartetos de casino: one man dancing with two or three woman • casino suelta: many people line dancing with a leader calling the moves. 12) Casino dancing has moves and style influenced by the folkloric tradition in Cuba like rumba and orisha dance, as well as from other popular dances such as the son and mambo.

Tocale la t salsa casinocasinobonus

Chances are, if you live outside of Cuba, you were introduced to the dance of casino through a plethora of names.
The instructors teaching you casino may have called it Cuban salsa or salsa cubana, casino salsa or salsa casino, salsa rueda, or Cuban-style salsa.
The list could go on.
Salsa is the word that gets your attention, picks your interest, and makes you go and take a lesson.
But that is the name of the dance: Casino.
And because the dance of salsa L.
Y styles and the dance of casino are danced to the same music: son.
The same thing could not be said about salsa and, say, bachata.
Two different musical genres, requiring two different dances.
The question remains, however, is casino salsa, or a fun games for preschoolers on the ipad thereof?
The short answer is: No.
The long—but not too long—answer?
Well, since you insist: Casino is not salsa for three main reasons.
Casino is a dance which was developed in the mid-50s.
Casino, historically, is older than salsa, or salsa dancing, for that matter.
Reason 2: Because casino predates salsa, this means that people were dancing casino in Fun games for preschoolers on the ipad, back in the 1950s, to something else.
This requires a much more in-depth explanation, and I will be dedicating a whole blog post to just that.
For now, suffice to say that, when it comes to salsa dancing, we all know it is linear, danced on the slot.
When it comes to casino, however, we dance around the partner.
This makes a tremendous difference between the two dances.
So, with all this said, why do people refer to casino as salsa?
You have gone to classes.
You have been introduced to the dance.
But a small, yet very important price has been paid: the dance has lost its essence.
Second, because casino is being referred to as salsa, it opens the door for it to be danced like salsa.
More and more, nowadays, you will see people dancing casino and applying salsa concepts; for instance, the back-step would be very prevalent future blog post about thisor the dance could turn into something very linear future post about this as well.
Confining oneself to casino, as it is marketed today, will be to forget a deeply-rich musical heritage that, regrettably, is not being passed down as it should.
In my case, it was not until I began listening to the music produced in the first half of this century that I understood the richness of the dance, what one could truly do with it.
Only by going back to son music, and son dancing, was I fully able to experience what a beautiful—and rewarding—dance casino could be.
And it never was.
Use the name it was given: casino.
If you were to use salsa, you non-dancing friends would instantly think about any salsa dancing they have seen on television or movies, which I assure you is not casino.
You would still be giving them the wrong idea of what it is tocale la t salsa casino dance.
Tell them you dance casino.
Their brows would furrow in confusion.
But if they are interested—and they will be—they will ask.
But at least now they would know there is a Cuban dance called casino.
And, if they are further interested, they will look it up, or ask you to show them.
And yet you take this for granted, and throw the name here and there without an explanation, and expect your friends to know.
Same thing with the Kizomba craze going rampant nowadays.
So why the double standard with casino?
And there are two reasons for this.
One, they are trying to market the dance to you an outsider in terms that you will understand and will make you go to their classes.
I may get fewer people in my classes, but those I do get, they go in knowing fully well what they are getting themselves into, when it comes to the dance.
The other reason Cubans themselves may call it salsa is because they, like most of us, are misinformed.
But then you have the biggest casino dance show produced in Cuban television history, which ran from 2004 to 2006, which was called Para Bailar Casino, not Para Bailar Salsa.
The name has always been casino.
Anything else is a misinformed label.
Perhaps because that is the fantasy people want to believe.
Most people outside of Cuba do not set out to dance casino.
They set out to dance salsa.
But it is just that: a fantasy.
You want the real deal?
Then let me formally welcome you to the Matrix.
Not unless you start using it yourself.
Let us call the dance of casino by its name, shall we?
In salsa, the woman gets more limelight.
In salsa, footwork and improv comes more from jazz dance and other places.
The way you carry yourself is different.
I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the marketing power of the U.
Thanks for reading the piece!
My pleasure, and it sure is a pleasure reading your casino belgie limburg />I really like the article once again.
I totally agree with you.
Just differ in the opinion that calling salsa to casino is a anacronism Just because of the years they were created.
Casino music and dance, Son and so on are part irrefutable of the creation of salsa nusic and therfore its dance, so calling fun games for preschoolers on the ipad cubana or any other term to it, doesnt represent an anacronism since one gave geneticaly big part and influence to the birth of the other.
Casino fun games for preschoolers on the ipad part of Salsa so naming Salsa as an event created by itself would be wrong.
Therefore if you say Salsa you are saying casino already cos you cant separate them.
You can say casino without saying salsa but you can not say salsa without having casino in it.
The fact that something may have influenced something else does not mean that they are the same.
He certainly influenced your birth.
You and your father are two different entities.
And so are salsa and casino as dances.
Remember that an anachronism something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time.
So casino and salsa are used interchangeably and they can mean the same thing.
However, outside of Cuba, this is certainly NOT the case.
There are other points of reference.
Or start incorporating salsa dancing concepts to a dance like, which really has a different set of principles.
So one has to be very careful here using these labels outside of Cuba.
Regards, and thanks for reading.
All the things you said may be right, but dont forget that the world doesnt work like that.
Where I live there is a dance called salsa cubana and there are salsa cubana parties and cuban tocale la t salsa casino festivals … even if you explain them, that there is son, casino, timba, guaguanco, arara, palo and so on this web page will be called it salsa cubana.
But good luck anyway.
Congratulations on your realistic attitude and intentions.
I agree with you 100% and I subscribe to sonycasino because although I already know the truth of what you say, I want to learn even more.
All we can do is try to educate people who are on the same journey.
For me the music is king and we should always listen to it and follow its energy and instructions.
To do so is the mark of a true aficionado.
My disagreeing is not personal, it is intellectual.
My objections are said respectfully.
And you, Daybert, think that it should not.
Let me consider what I take to be the 3 mains reasons which directly address why.
I am unconvinced by these reasons.
Let me address each of these: Forgive my if my comments are terse, but the discussion is philosophical, and difficult.
Cultural meaning, history, etc.
Knowledge is not contingent on its name.
So how could a mere different name cause these things to be lost?
The name is just a means of referring to the knowledge.
An error which people would be lead to believe if they came from a particular context having experienced american dancing, say.
But, distinguishing errors is a teaching problem, not a naming problem.
True enough, when people come from the American dance context, they may forgivably think this.
The answer to this problem does not lie in the changing name, but in correcting mistaken inferences from students.
Moreover, as it stands, since the controversial terms have done so much to promote our dance, I think using them is a good thing.
What follows is my perspective on the subject which I hope will make sense to you.
Rather, it is simply a new, more inclusive way of referring to a slightly upgraded collection of pre-existing musical rhythms.
If you liken Salsa music and dance to a house, then the Cuban Son is the foundation on which that house is built.
Without the Cuban Son, there would probably be no Salsa music as we currently know it.
In fact, to do so would kind of be like going back in time and erasing your great-grandfather from existence.
Based on the hypothetical rules of time travel that are sometimes used in works of fiction, you would probably cease to exist yourself since you never would have been born.
Even though the cross-body styles of Salsa have incorporated other North American elements like Swing and Latin Hustle, they are still fundamentally derived from the dance of the Cuban Son as is Casino.
The individual rhythms that compose modern-day Salsa music were also created before the heyday of the Salsa era.
It is a tocale la t salsa casino of the Salsa family, and the most important member at that.
As explained earlier, it can be considered as a key ancestor and major component of modern Salsa music.
However, despite any musical upgrades and modifications, the family awards casino design rhythms that it refers to was definitely in existence at that time.
In fact, this family of rhythms pre-dates the creation of Casino dancing by several decades.
This is a topic that I will explore further in the next chapter.
Admittedly, it is also true that the Casino style of dance has a different structure than the cross-body styles of Salsa dancing.
As mentioned earlier in this chapter, there are differences in the way Casino is danced when compared with the cross-body styles of Salsa dancing.
The leading and following techniques are noticeably different.
The turning style is different.
Casino is danced in a circular pattern rather than the linear slot that cross-body style Salsa dancers utilize.
However, these differences are not so great that they force Casino into a completely separate genre from other styles of Salsa dancing.
Thanks for the great article.
I dance casino myself, and was unaware of the history here.
Its a strategy that has worked well and opened up the dance to a massive audience.
Ben, your thoughtful comment has similarities to what I said to my Afro-Cuban friend, Airagdin Pavon More El Moro only yesterday — i.
I recommended to Moro that he announce with grace to his students to be mindful when they upload a video of him.
All three were judges at the Brisbane Salsa Festival in Australia in 2012 and the event included a wide range of latin dance styles.
It was an unproductive title!
The last moment when these three Cubans hugged each other simply emanated pride and emotion that was palpable.
I also think that it encapsulates the intention of the son y this web page website.
By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.
To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:.

Dissipating Misconceptions: Is Casino a “Style” of Salsa Dancing? | Son y Casino Tocale la t salsa casino

Dissipating Misconceptions: Is Casino a “Style” of Salsa Dancing? | Son y Casino Tocale la t salsa casino

Open the virtual doors at La Fiesta Casino, where the journey knows no limits and lady luck is the guest of honor!
If you are used to LA-style salsa dancing, learning Casino de Rueda, or Cuban style, is like going from automatic to stick shift. You struggle at first, but quickly discover it's a lot of fun! I'm grateful for "Rueda in the Park", a group that teaches you this dance and only asks for a $5 per class donation.
Overall Italy is totally and only Cuban, timba & casino and I saw many excellent dancers from Cuba in the clubs. They say the best city for Italian salsa is Milano as there are more venues but unfortunately there isn't any tourist reason to go there, its purely a business town.


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